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Frequently Asked Questions for Students


How are lessons offered?

Lessons are offered online for your convenience, through a virtual classroom. You will be able to interact with your teacher in real time through a video link. You will also be able to see live notes on a virtual whiteboard. Documents may also be shared onscreen for you to read and respond to in real time. Other relevant material may be made available to you through your personal user account or via email. Written homework activities may also be uploaded onto this personal user account or sent via email, for you to return electronically before the next lesson. Attending any additional activities set by your teacher is important to receive the full benefit of their tuition.

What equipment do I need to access lessons?

All you need is a device with internet access and camera attachment, a pair of headphones with a microphone attachment (optional, but recommended to ensure a quality audio link), and paper, a pencil or a calculator, as required. You will also need a quiet, comfortable place to attend your lesson.

What is my ‘personal user account’?

This is your personal user page called My Crossroads. As part of the registration process, you will given a login and password which will enable you to set this up. This will occur after you have agreed to access lessons. Once logged in you will be able to complete a brief personal profile. Here you may also upload a photo of yourself to complete the profile. This is optional. This photo should be a clear head shot only and not include any personally identifiable components, such as a school logo. It may also be another appropriate image which represents you. You may chose to communicate with your teacher through this portal, or via personal email. Before your first lesson, your teacher will supply you with a written, personalised lesson plan. This may be a single lesson plan, or a term outline. This lesson plan may be altered during the lesson, at the teacher’s professional discretion. They will also provide you with a summary of goals, prior to beginning your tuition. Lesson feedback will be provided by email or through your My Crossroads page within 48 hours of lesson completion.

How do I access lessons?

All our teachers are listed under Our Teachers. This listing contains a brief profile of each teacher, their location and area of expertise, as well as their teaching experience and curriculum familiarity. Once you have selected your preferred teacher from the list available, you will be required to make contact by clicking on the ‘Book a Free Assessment’ messaging link provided in the Contact Us section. The teacher will respond to your request within 48 hours to arrange a free, online assessment within the virtual classroom. This will allow you to decide whether this teacher is suited to your needs and personality.

Before your scheduled assessment, you will receive an email containing a link which will connect you directly to the virtual classroom. You are asked to be settled into an appropriate environment five minutes before the expected assessment time and open the link. The teacher will open the virtual classroom at the prearranged time. During this online assessment, the teacher will conduct some relevant assessment to establish your learning needs. As you get to know each other, you and your teacher will be able to formulate short and long term learning goals together. The length of this assessment will be determined by the individual teacher. It may range from 10 to 30 minutes.

How do I schedule and pay for a lesson?

Once you have attended a free assessment, selected a suitable teacher and scheduled with them a lesson day and time, your learning can begin. You will be required to book and pay for your lesson through the online booking system which is accessible from your My Crossroads page. You are asked to be settled into an appropriate environment five minutes before the expected lesson time, with the required learning materials, and open the same link to the virtual classroom. Once a lesson is completed, relevant notes and materials will be uploaded into your My Crossroads page, or provided by personal email, within 48 hours.

How much will my lesson cost?

While all teachers provide a free initial assessment, further lessons are priced at the discretion of individual teachers. Some specialist educators may also provide additional specialist assessment which may incur additional costs. You may choose from a variety of teachers and a variety of price points, depending on your needs. Payment is required at the time of booking, prior to each lesson. 

What payment Gateway will be used to process my payment?

The gateway known as Stripe will be used to process your payment, through the online booking system. It is well known to be convenient and secure. A credit card is required for this process.

How long will a lesson be?

Lesson length will be determined by the individual teacher, based on their professional discretion. Lessons may range from 30 minutes to 1 1⁄2 hours.

Can I pay in advance?

Lessons may be paid for on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term basis, depending on how many lessons you chose to book in advance. You may choose the frequency which best suits your needs. Each lesson must be booked and paid for in advance.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Lessons may be missed for a variety of reasons, including student illness. You are asked to contact your teacher as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your lesson. You will then need to reschedule your lesson to a more suitable time. No further payment will be required for that missed lesson if it has been paid for in advance. In the event that your teacher cannot attend your lesson, they will contact you as soon as they are able. You will then be asked to reschedule.

What happens if I do not enter the virtual classroom on time?

If you do not enter your virtual classroom at the scheduled time, the teacher will wait for 15 minutes. If after that time if you are still absent, the teacher may cancel the lesson. Any advanced payment may be forfeited, depending on the individual teacher’s policy regarding lateness, issued to you in writing during the enrolment process.

How can I communicate with my teacher?

Teachers may be contacted initially using the message box provided on the Contact Us page. Once you have selected a teacher, you may arrange to contact them via mobile phone for your convenience (parents/carers only, if the student is less than 16 years old), via email or through the messaging system provided with your My Crossroads page. Communication via video link may be provided by the teacher at intervals, if required. This will have to be arranged through the individual teacher and at their discretion. All communications must be undertaken according to our Code of Conduct. Teachers are required to respond to any communication from you, within 48 hours.

Can I attend a group lesson with my chosen teacher?

Only individual lessons are provided at this time, to ensure a personalised learning environment.

How am I assured of quality teaching and learning?

All of our teachers and tutors have membership (or pending membership) with the Australian Tutoring Association (unless other recognised tutor registration is held with other regulatory bodies such as SPELD). This is a national body which aims to ensure high quality tutoring standards. Membership ensures that they are appropriately qualified to teach you. It also provides relevant safe guards for you as the client. In addition, all parties are required to operate within the parameters set out by Cultivating Crossroads in Our Policies and Code of Conduct. As part of the membership or registration process, all parties will be asked to indicate that they agree to abide by these terms. Cooperation with these standards ensures a quality teaching and learning environment for all parties involved.

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