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Our Policies

Our Policies

Cultivating Crossroads has been designed to provide a basic structure for connecting students and teachers, while providing them with the flexibility of personalising their operations. As such, we require that all parties adhere to the policies outlined here.

Pricing and Discounts

All students are to be provided with a free initial assessment. This is designed to allow an introduction between all parties, to determine compatibility and to establish the individual learning needs of each student. Following that assessment, teachers are free to price their lessons according to their personal preference. Lesson fees are listed with each teacher profile. Students are then free to choose a teacher who not only suits their educational style, but their preferred price point. Students are to be provided with a referral discount. When a student refers another prospective student to their teacher, and that referred student attends a free assessment, the referring student will receive a 30% discount for one of their lessons. This discount is designed to encourage ‘word-of-mouth’ referral, which is highly beneficial in the connecting of new students with our teachers. Other discounts may be applied by individual teachers, once again according to their preferences. Discount schedules are to be made available in writing by each individual teacher, before the commencement of any lessons and upon request, and then applied accordingly. While Cultivating Crossroads thanks students for their positive reviews, no discount may be applied for these reviews, according to Australian Consumer Law.


Products or services made available through Cultivating Crossroads are required to be paid for in advance. Payment is provided through Stripe, a well-known and secure Gateway. Teachers are under no obligation to provide lessons if payment has not been attended in advance.

Refund Policy

Any initial payments made are subject to a ‘cooling off’ period of seven days. If a student does not wish to continue with lessons within this period, cancellation must be made in writing before this seven day period ends. A refund will be offered, minus any expenses, such as transaction or administration fees. A receipt, including itemised refund details, will be provided by email. Following the end of the ‘cooling off’ period, any prepaid lesson that is not attended will be rescheduled as a ‘make up’ lesson.

In the event that online lessons are interrupted by a loss of internet connection, the remainder of the lesson will be ‘made up’ at a convenient time. An email will be sent from the teacher to the student, indicating the minutes lost and requesting that a makeup time be organised as soon as possible. In the event that online lessons are interrupted by the insufficient battery life of the student’s device, the remainder of the lesson will be forfeited. It is recommended that devices are plugged into a mains electrical outlet while the lesson is in progress. Any lesson time lost due to student lateness will not be ‘made up’. Refunds are generally only provided under circumstances outlined in the Cancellation and Complaints and Dispute Resolution policies.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a student wishes to cancel their tuition, written advice must be given to the relevant teacher, two weeks in advance. The last two lessons must be attended or any advanced payments will be forfeited. Any fees paid for lessons beyond the two week period, may then be refunded. The refund will be given, minus any expenses such as transaction fees, administration fees or lesson fees. A receipt, including itemised refund details, will be provided by email.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy

As with any professional relationship, the possibility of dissatisfaction and conflict may arise between students, teachers or parents/carers. The Code of Conduct is designed to minimise any potential conflict. As such, adherence to the code is vital for all parties. Students, teachers and parents/carers are asked to address any minor issues respectfully and privately amongst themselves. This may be done verbally during lesson times or via email. Minor complaints may include a noisy background environment, an inattentive student or culturally inappropriate learning resources. The hope is that effective and respectful communication can resolve these issues and productive professional relationships can continue. If these minor issues remain of concern, parties may contact Cultivating Crossroads Administration for assistance. Issues which involve a breech of the Code of Conduct, which are more serious or which are ongoing, require a formal compliant to be lodged. This complaint must be lodged with the relevant teacher and Cultivating Crossroads Administration, in writing, as soon as possible. More serious complaints may include verbally abusive behaviour or failure to attend lessons as scheduled.

Teachers may reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct. Services may be terminated immediately, with a written explanation of the reasons provided within 24 hours. Under these circumstances, any payments made in advance for unattended lessons must be refunded, minus any expenses, such as transaction or administration fees, and an itemised receipt provided. Students are able to terminate the services of any teacher who is in breech of the Code of Conduct. In this event, students are required to register this decision with the relevant teacher and Cultivating Crossroads Administration as soon as possible. Any breech of the Cultivating Crossroads Code of Conduct, will be addressed by Cultivating Crossroads Administration. Any complaint made to Cultivating Crossroads will be addressed within ten days, with written communication directed to all parties concerned. Any breech of the Australian Tutoring Association Code of Conduct (see our Code of Conduct) may be taken to them for mediation. Cultivating Crossroads reserves the right to refuse service to any teacher, student or parent/carer who does not adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Child Protection Policy

The following are mandatory requirements to ensure the protection of all children who access tuition services through Cultivating Crossroads:

  • Children under the age of sixteen are to attend their online lessons within hearing distance of a responsible adult. This is to ensure that parents/carers are aware of the nature of the interaction between student and teacher, and are free to observe as they see fit.
  • Youth between 16 and 18 years may attend their online lesson outside the hearing range of a responsible adult, if a parent/carer gives their written permission. In this case, it is recommended that parents/carers continue to monitor and observe lessons periodically.
  • Direct communication via email or mobile phone should only occur between teacher and parent/carer, if the student is less than 16 years old. Youth between 16 and 18 years may communicate directly with their teacher via email or mobile phone, as the need arises, if a parent/carer gives their written permission.
  • A record of all text-based online tutoring must be kept for students under 18, and made available to parents periodically and upon request. This includes any written material provided in the lesson, and any written communication undertaken during the lesson, symbolic or otherwise. This may be accomplished simply by recording each lesson through the Learning Management System.
  • Teachers and tutors must have an up-to-date Working With Vulnerable People (WwVP) Card, or equivalent.
  • Teachers must be aware of their legal obligations regarding mandatory reporting, according to the State which they operate from.

Privacy Policy

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