Code of Conduct

In order to establish effective professional learning relationships, expectations for standards of behaviour must be agreed upon. These are outlined in our Code of Conduct, and are designed to provide quality assurances to all parties. Some of these standards are required by the Australian Tutoring Association. Some are specific to Cultivating Crossroads. All students, teachers and other parties are required to adhere to these standards. Comfortable, quality teaching and learning environments are thereby assured for all involved.


  • Be respectful of scheduled timing by being seated and ready to learn at the allocated time, in a suitably quiet environment.

  • Be organised, with all required materials within easy access before the lesson and have toileting completed.

  • Be respectful of your teacher by engaging with your lesson, listening and using a respectful tone of voice.

  • Be respectful of your teacher’s professional discretion in their teaching format and strategies.

  • Parents/Carers: Be within hearing distance of all online lessons for children under 16 years, without interfering unnecessarily with the student or the lesson progress.

  • Seek to resolve any minor issues or concerns in a calm, objective manner.

  • Honour the policies of Cultivating Crossroads.



  • Be respectful of scheduled timing by beginning the lesson at the agreed time.

  • Ensure your personal presentation is professional, as suited to your clientele (including personal grooming).

  • Provide lessons within a professional environment. Background environments should be privatised, quiet, well lit (for video streaming) and free

    of interruptions or distractions.

  • Provide lesson plans or outlines in writing via email before commencement of lessons (see ATA Code of Conduct).

    These may be single lesson plans for each lesson or a term outline.

  • Provide professional lessons which are well prepared and delivered, based on assessment methods which were fully disclosed before their

    undertaking (see ATA Code of Conduct).

  • Be respectful of your students by considering their individual learning styles or preferences.

  • Engage students in teaching and learning practices which develop confidence and self-esteem (see ATA Code of Conduct).

  • Be honest about each student’s need for tutoring and whether your tuition is remedial or for extension (see ATA Code of Conduct).

  • Provide regular feedback on student progress, both verbal and written.

  • Provide measurable results of progress at least once a semester (see ATA Code of Conduct).

  • Never engage in plagarism, such as the completion of any assessment on behalf of a student (see ATA Code of Conduct).

  • Ensure that any communication you engage in between teachers and/or students and parents/carers, is conducted on a professional level.

  • Seek to resolve any minor issues or concerns in a calm, objective manner.

  • Be respectful of copyright laws when using educational materials.

  • Provide written clarification of any individualised policies to your clients, regarding pricing, discounts or refunds, before the commencement of

    any lessons.

  • Ensure that all personal information gathered is kept secure, and used only for the purpose of personal record keeping and direct

    communication (see Privacy Policy).

  • Provide online lessons for children under the age of 18, in accordance with the Child Protection Policy and the ATA Code of Conduct.

  • Honour the policies of Cultivating Crossroads as we seek to promote you.

  • Honour the Code of Conduct of the Australian Tutoring Association.

Cultivating Crossroads thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

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